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Marriage is a sacred thing in one’s life so there is nothing wrong with choosing the best for all their needs. Decorations, wedding dresses, catering , and even save the date invitations must be considered carefully because it is the beginning of your beautiful journey. You don’t want this sacred moment to be forgotten, do you? What’s more, you definitely want all the guests you invite to attend your wedding. Therefore, it is necessary to make an attractive invitation and also so that the invitation is not simply thrown away by the recipient. I have amazing ideas to choose trendy black and white save the dates invitations. Here are tips for choosing an invitation card that you can follow.

1. Choose a Design

Unlimited invitation card designs. If you get an invitation from a friend or relative, you should save it so that you can use it as a reference in the future. You can search for designs on the internet. If you are a graphic designer, you can make your own as you wish. The process of selecting this design, of course, must be agreed upon by both parties. It is easy to find the design online and create it with your own wish. You and your partner can consult each other for this.

2. Attend a Wedding Exhibition

Currently, many wedding exhibitions are being held. Well, there’s nothing wrong with you attending the event even though the wedding day is still far away. Precisely ordering invitations well in advance of the wedding can save your budget and if you have no time to order before the exact time so don’t worry Basic Invite solves this problem you just get all invitations or  save the date cards cheap.

3. Write Info on the Invitation Clearly

One mandatory thing that you should not forget when making invitation cards is to include a map. This makes it easier for invited guests to reach where your party is being held because not everyone knows the place you are referring to, right? Especially for your friends who come from out of town. Remember, maps don’t have to be detailed but clear enough to understand. In addition to the map, don’t forget to write down your nickname and that of your partner. This will help your old friends to find you.

4. Installing Pre-wedding Photos

Actually, this is optional, but there’s nothing wrong with including a pre-wedding photo so that your invitation doesn’t seem monotonous. Invitations that only contain text are relatively boring. For that, in addition to choosing an attractive design, also include your pre-wedding photos.  Moreover, this time to put pictures prewedding in the wedding invitation card has almost become a habit for brides.

5. Make Sure Everything Before Printing

There are times when the design you choose turns out to give poor results when printed. Make sure you choose the appropriate invitation paper material. Also, check the names of the bride and groom, parents’ names, address, and the date of the reception before printing. All important info should be checked carefully. Then, choose a font that is easy to read. Maybe you want beautiful and funny letters, but it will be less effective if the letters are difficult to read so that information cannot be conveyed optimally.